Optimization of regulation as a lever for development of african financial markets
Krystal Palace Hotel- Douala - From 1st to 2nd of June 2022
About BAFM
The BAFM Seminar is a capacity building program initiated by African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) designed to promote growth in African Financial Markets and an opportunity to enhance the capacity of African exchanges to compete globally.
They will be at the seminar
Managing Director of BEKO CAPITAL ADVISORY S.A
Brice BEUMO is the Founder and Managing Director of BEKO CAPITAL ADVISORY S.A, a Sotck exchange firm approved by COSUMAF, created in 2018. He has more than 20 years of experience in business development, project financing and fund management in sub-Saharan Africa with proven success in executing transactions for over $2 billion.
Head of the Innovative Finance & Capital Markets Section United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
Sonia heads the Innovative Finance and Capital Markets Section at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa's Private Sector Development and Finance Division. Among her main responsibilities, she supports African states in their efforts to deepen their domestic financial markets and mobilize and attract long-term investment to strengthen their economies.
Director of Ermo Conseil
Mr Omer BADANG is a senior management consultant and a Certified Financial Investment Advisor with more than 25 years working experience in project management and financial markets. He is the Vice President Professional Development for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Cameroon Chapter. Throughout a 20+ years corporate career with Banks, Telecommunication companies and Stock Exchanges, where he worked as Decision Information Systems designer, Project Manager, Chief Information Officer and Financial Market Operation Director he quickly ascended to senior management positions. This passionate of Digital transformation and financial markets is now the founder and Director of Ermo Conseil, a Consulting firm in project management and financial advisory.
Executive Director of the Cabinet FinAfrique
Fabrice has worked for many years in asset management, respectively with a business banks HSBC then Natixis (Paris). As Executive Director of the Cabinet FinAfrique, he initiated several projects and studies within the framework of the development of sub-regional Financial Markets and Alternative and Inclusive Means of Financing.
Full Professor CAMES - Lecturer in financial market law
"The development of the financial market challenges, in the forefront, the lawyer to secure upstream and downstream transactions that are develop within. This requires a good adaptation and innovation capacity on his part; which will requires to think outside the box to innovate both in the conception of this law and in its implementation"
Chief Economist at the Securities & Exchange Commission
Prior to joining the SEC in 2016, he spent thirteen years in various roles at the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN). In his spare time, he tutors candidates for ACCA, CFA, FRM, and ICAN exams, volunteers at the local society of chartered financial analysts, and writes a monthly column in AB AFR, ACCA’s member magazine. Over the years, he has also been a subject matter expert at various trainings, workshops, and seminars around the world.
Economist in West African Monetary Institute
Prior to joining WAMI, I have had more than twenty two years’ experience in Fiscal and Monetary Policy sectors. I worked in Liquidity Forecasting and Analysis office, Financial Markets Department, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) 2005 -2021.  I was a Volunteer in the Gambia from 2002-2004, under the Nigerian Technical Aids Corps (TAC) Programme.  I was with the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission Nigeria, 1999-2002.  I obtained Master’s Degree in Research (MRes) in Economics and PhD Economics from Cardiff University, United Kingdom.
Project Manager, African Exchanges Linkage Project (AELP)
Ms. Tonui is Project Manager for the African Exchanges Linkage Project, a joint venture of the African Securities Exchanges Association and the African Development Bank. She has over 15 years of experience in the investment industry, capital markets and project management. Prior to joining AELP she worked at US-based investment firms, Holland Capital Management, and William Blair and Company. Prior to that she worked at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. She holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Wollongong, Australia, and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Accounting and Business Administration from Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya.
Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Stock Exchange Ltd
Pierre Celestin RWABUKUMBA, a Rwandan national is the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Stock Exchange Ltd, the current Chairman of the East African Securities Exchanges Association (EASEA) and seat on the Executive Committee of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) where he chairs the market development Committee. Mr. Rwabukumba has a wealth of experience in the financial markets having started his career on Wall Street over two decades ago
Managing Director SCL Advisory Limited
Selloua Chakri is a recognized expert in the development of capital markets. She has spent the majority of her career dealing with financial institutions including financial market infrastructures such as Securities Exchanges, CCPs of different sizes and scales in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the areas of product development, marketing & sales, as well as data commercialization and data strategy. Selloua is also assisting investors in identifying investment opportunities in Africa.
Didier LOUKAKOU, of Congolese nationality, holds a doctorate in financial market law and a law degree from the Paris Bar. After practicing as a corporate lawyer and lawyer in Paris, he joined the “Commission de Surveillance du Marché Financier de l'Afrique Centrale” (COSUMAF) in 2005. From 2005 to 2012, he held the position of Director of the Market and actors in charge of Inspection and since 2012 the functions of Director of Legal Affairs and Regulations. Within COSUMAF, he is also in charge of the “Fight against money laundering” and Crypto-asset supervision poles. He also carries out research and education activities and, as such, author of numerous articles and studies.
The seminar program
Wednesday 1st, June 2022
  • 1 June 2022 07:00 GMT / 08:00 Local Time
    Delegates Registration
  • 1 June 2022 08:00 GMT / 09:00 Local Time
    Welcome Address by the CEO of the BVMAC
  • 1 June 2022 08:10 GMT / 09:10 Local Time
    Remarks by the President of the Regional Financial Markets Authority - (COSUMAF) - Ambassador Nagoum YAMASSOUM
  • 1 June 2022 08:20 GMT / 09:20 Local Time
    Opening Remarks by the ASEA President - Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE
  • 1 June 2022 08:30 GMT / 09:30 Local Time
    Official Opening Remarks by Cameroon's Prime Minister (Tbc)
  • 1 June 2022 08:40 GMT / 09:40 Local Time
    Photo Session and Coffee Break
  • 1 June 2022 0915 GMT / 10:15 Local Time
    Subject 1 : Adapting the regulatory framework for financial Markets: an endless project ? - Part 1
  • 1 June 2022 10:30 GMT / 11:30 Local Time
    Subject 1 : Adapting the regulatory framework for financial Markets: an endless project ? - Part 2
  • 1 June 2022 11:45 GMT / 12:45 Local Time
    Lunch Break
  • 1 June 2022 13:00 GMT / 14:00 Local Time
    ASEA Report Presentation
  • 1 June 2022 13:30 GMT / 14:30 Local Time
    Subject 2 : Financing of SMEs viathe financial market: towards appropriate regulatory frameworks
  • 1 June 2022 14:45 GMT / 15:45 Local Time
    Coffee Break
Thursday 2nd, June 2022
  • 2 June 2022 08:00 GMT / 09:00 Local Time
    Keynote Speech for the Main Sponsor
  • 2 June 2022 08:30 GMT / 09:30 Local Time
    ASEA Report Presentation
  • 2 June 2022 09:00 GMT / 10:00 Local Time
    Subject 3 : Integration of stock exchanges and regulatory framework for cross-border transactions
  • 2 June 2022 10:15 GMT / 11:15 Local Time
    Coffee Break
  • 2 June 2022 10:30 GMT / 11:30 Local Time
    Subject 4 : Regulation of financial market: support for innovation processes in the financial markets
  • 2 June 2022 11:45 GMT / 12:45 Local Time
    Lunch Break
  • 2 June 2022 13:00 GMT / 14:00 Local Time
    ASEA Report Presentation
  • 2 June 2022 13:15 GMT / 14:15 Local Time
    Subject 5: Sustainable financial market in africa : utopia or real challenge for the future?
  • 2 June 2022 14:00 GMT / 15:00 Local Time
    Closing Remarks
  • 2 June 2022 18:30 GMT / 19:30 Local Time
    Farewell Dinner
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